Top 10 Summer Nail Art Designs Easy To Do At Home

It’s 2019 and everyone is crazy after nail paints, now it’s just not all about applying colour to your nail and be done. Nail Art over the year has caught fire and now colourful pattern nails are a part of style statements. Now you can’t afford to go to the nail salon every day but you sure like nail paints. Why not get a little creative and do nail art home? Seems impossible, not any more here are 10 summer nail art designs you can do easily at home without having to spend too much money at the salon or parlour.

Top 10 Summer Nail Art Designs Easy To Do At Home

Following are the top 10 Summer nail art designs easy to do at home :

1.Line Nail Art Design

One of the easiest nail art design which is much appreciated by everyone is creating lines.

They add a statement to your look and make it go from casual to sophisticated with just a little bit of it.

Here is how you can do a glitter line Nail Paint

  • Paint your whole nail with a single colour. It can be light however we suggest a dark colour like Black.
  • Wait For it to dry
  • Then put tapes in the designs you want they can be horizontal or vertical. Leave a gap between each line
  • Fill the gaps with another colour
  • Once they’re dried remove the tape and voila you have a line filled nails.

Nail art of graffiti


2.Flowers Nail Art

They are cute and give you the look of innocence on your nails. Here is how you can add the touch of flower on your nails

  • Paint your nails with a light base colour and leave one finger blank
  • Paint the remaining finger with another colour
  • Use a white nail polish with dot creating tool to create the flower on the nail

Apply a top coat while the bottom coat is still wet and place a stud in between the flower

Flower nail art


3.Nail tips

Going for a more chic look on your nails then nail tips are perfect for you and they don’t have to be while

  • Apply base colour on the nails
  • Once the coat is dry cover the bottom half of the nail with tape leaving the top half
  • Put a different colour nail polish on the nails that are the top half
  • Remove once dry and apply top coat

Top 10 Summer Nail Art Designs Which Are Easy To Do At Home

4.Lacy Nails Easy To Do At Home

Now you want to move the game yup and have a more complicated nail design on your nails?

Then let’s head up a notch and try these lacy designs. Here is a step by step tutorial

  • Start by applying a coat of lacquer.
  • Allow it to dry.
  • Place the lace trimmings on your nail in the position you desire. Secure it with scotch tape. Apply a coat of white nail polish over the lace and pull it off in the direction that goes along the stroke of the nail polish
  • Allow the nail polish to dry.
  • Finish it off with a top coat of clear nail polish


lacy nail designs easy to do at home

5.Ombre Nails

Ombre art is also a summer nail art design which is easy to do at home. It is an inspiring design, but this time it’s all about colour. A gradient, Ombre effect is just as chic on your nails as it is in fashion.

  • Apply one colour to all your nails and leave the ring finger
  • Apply a different colour on the other nail and cove it with a topcoat
  • Voilà you have Ombre nails


Easy to do nail art designs at home

6.Timeless Polka dots

Polka dots are the coolest way to try out nail art at home without a kit. Even though people often envision polka dots simply in shades of black and white. You can change it to something completely new.

  • First, start off by applying two coats of the base colour for your nails.
  • Dip the end of the bobby pin or the thin nail art brush into the other nail colour nail polish.
  • Gently press the tip of the bobby pin or the nail art brush on the nail to draw a polka dot. Depending on how hard you press, you will get the size of your liking.
  • Repeat the step
  • Finally, apply the topcoat using the clear nail polish for the perfect finishing.

Top 10 Summer Nail Art Designs Easy To Do At Home


7.Glitter show

Not every design has to require too much work. Simply one touch of glitter can do the job

  • Apply one colour on all nails
  • Choose a glitter of the same colour you applied
  • Put glitter on your ringer finger and let it dry
  • Complete that with a topcoat

And now you have the perfect glitter nails

glitter show nail art

8.Sparkles Nail Art Designs

Are you not a big fan of too much glitter on one hand but still want to use it to make a statement?

  • Apply a base coat on all your nails ‘
  • While they are went sprinkle some glitter on all nails

easy to do at home nail art designs

9.Color Block Nails

Now you have definitely done it on clothes. Let’s give it touch on Nails

  • Tape on half nails and leave the other half empty
  • Fill the blank half with Nail polish
  • Once dry remove the tape and fill the unfilled parts
  • You have the perfect Color Block nails

color block nails


10.Statement Red Design

Last but not the least, statement red is the one which is summer art design and easy to do at home.

If you can’t go for all the complication but still, want nails to make the room go silent. Then choose the colour which will get you the attention – Red

  • Apply Red nails polish on, preferably a thick coat
  • Cover it with a top coat once dry.

diy nail art designs


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