Top 10 Hairstyles For Women Over The Age Of 40

Hairstyles For Women Over The Age Of 40

“Hairdressing, in general, hasn’t been given the kudos it deserves. It’s not recognized by enough people as a worthy craft.”

It’s not easy to find a hairstyle that suits your face as well as your age. Due to this very reason, many women go through diverse phases of hairstyles before they find the perfect one for them.

Hairstyles associated with age doesn’t mean one should lack style, fun, or beauty. These 10 hairstyles for women over the age of 40 are satisfying and manageable.




1-Short Side Sweep

hairstyles for women over the age of 40

This beautifully curved cut frames your face perfectly, and gives volume to your hair, however, a bit of more layers would make this look even better as it’ll bring extra density to the cut.

This cut is often worn by Victoria Beckham, and she does it splendidly.


2-Blunt Pony Tail With Bangs Hairstyle For Ladies Over 40

women hairstyles over 40 age

This beautiful look consists of bangs with a smooth ponytail lingering from behind, however, this look is only suitable for those who have smooth hair. You can always add highlights and have fun with your hairstyling.

However, if you do not have sleek straight hair, do not give up hope just yet, go to your nearest salon and get keratin or enviro treatment done before getting this look.



3-Inwards Straight Hair 

hair styles for women over the age of 40

Inwards straight style is also the good one hairstyle for women above 40. This subtle classy look is just beautiful and looks even better with some layering done. Get some highlights and low lights added to further enhance the look.

However, make sure to request your colorist for suitable highlights so it draws attention towards your facial features.


4-The Classic Career Bun

women hairstyles for above 40 years age

If you have a sleek jawline and long hair, you should definitely get this easy to get the look. This simple bun can easily be attained by some hairpins as well as some hair bands. If your hair falls right, you might be able to get this look by just a pony.

Get some fringes out, and you’re all ready for the night.

5-Centre Part Bob Hairstyle For Women Above 40


central part bob hairstyle over 40

This classic symmetrical bob cut looks absolutely gorgeous and even better if you add a pint of balayage.

The natural chocolate brown with a hint of caramel lights will get all eyes on you. All you have to do is give a little wave to your hair, and you’re all set for the eve.


6- Chin Length Razor Cut

Chin length razor cut women hairstyle

This bob style is truly a classic hairstyle that suits all ages of women. Pair it with some swept side bangs to give an exclusively appealing look.


7- The 60s Flip

hairstyles for women over age of 40

This gorgeous hairstyle can easily be attained by a medium to large curling iron or even a decent large round brush along with a hairdryer. This adorable look can be set by just some golden highlights.

The style has inspired a lot of celebrities nowadays!


8- Blonde Highlights Long Layered Style

blonde hairstyles for women above 40

This layered look is a beautiful representation of when a colorist is thinking for something different. This style is obtained by getting heavy some light golden highlights, and side fringes to make your look stand out.


9- Curly Blonde Bob

curly blond bob

You need the perfect refined curls to obtain this bob look. This cut isn’t all golden, it has a hint oh honey lowlights, making this look more stand out. One can always pull off such bob with curls, no matter what the event is.


10- Long Wave Cut, Swept Back.

long wave cut hair style

This smooth graceful hairstyle is a wonderful one indeed for all the ladies out there, and for those who just cannot settle for short hair. The length is the perfect length and weighs your overall look perfectly. Use a cute clip to hold your bangs in place at all times.



Style Your 40s

We hope that our list has rightfully inspired you to consider all of this amazing hairstyles for women above 40, and they will give you the confidence/ideas to flaunt yourself full-heartedly.

You should always look for an artist who is bold enough to try crazy styles yet keeping your preference in mind. Facebook or Instagram pages acts as a great help to find that perfect salon for you.

Just cuz’ you’ve hit your 40’s doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt that beautiful silky hair of yours. So, go out, take some risks with different and unique coolers, and don’t forget to have fun with your hair. Life is too short to not take risks.

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