15 Easy Short Hair Curly Hairstyles

Short Hair Curly Hairstyles


Iyou have long curls, you may be tempted to chop all of them off to make it short curly.

Short Curly Hairs

It’s your curls to have fun with. Deciding which length looks best with your coils is up to you, but we’re here to let you know the options are endless. Short curly haircuts differ from lob to bob to galore pixies.

Regardless of your curl style, texture, or color of the hair, there is a cut out there that will operate for you — worried about your curls being styled? We have you with us. How about lasting your curls? We have discussed that too. So a much-needed haircut will round things out and add that perfect shape to define your curls and frame your face. Now, it’s a moment for inspiration.

There are about a million methods of short and curly hair styling — do not let anyone teach you anything else. Whether you’re just getting tired with your daily style or having a fun party coming up, there’s plenty to try. For now, 15 of our favorite short hair curly hairstyles in various kinds and textures are here for you to copy.

Short Hair Curly Hairstyles


15 Short Hair curly hairstyles

1- Heavy bob bottom

This year, heavy ends on bobs are taking over, unusually short bobs. This style on curly hair gives such incredible texture and volume, unlike when done on straight hair. Bangs help even this haircut, also if it is sparse.

short curly


2- Boyish Curls

This boyish cut is a right choice if you have thick, more massive hair. Ramp the volume with mousse that hydrates. That moisturizes and defines thick curls while adding soft amount.

Short Hair Curly Hairstyles

3- Shaggy Hair

The new haircut shag has all the traditional shag’s layers, bangs, and texture; but with more modern edge and sleek look. All kinds of curly-haired girls can rock that cool cut.

4- Volume Lob

As seen here, this cut looks incredible on women with thick hair and larger curls. Face-framing layers that hit right under the cheekbones give movement that looks effortlessly.

Short Hair Curly Hairstyles

5- Layers Tousled

This hairstyle captures curly girls ‘ fun personality with their perfectly all-embellished, musted locks. Many layers help when you throw the ringlets in and out!

6- Short Bob Vintage

This short hair curly hairstyle oozes glamor from the vintage, and we are also getting some vibes from Sandra Dee. It’s all about getting the perfectly coiffed bang swoosh that makes us wonder if we’re going ever to get that volume.

7- Springy Pixie

It’s almost too cute this springy pixie. With few more significant parts in the front that bounce ultimately across the forehead, it’s straight around.

short curly hairstyles

8- Asymmetric Cut

An asymmetric cut is about keeping interest and curiosity in short style and choosing which side of your part is up to you to go shorter. We love how this style constructs large volume by stacking the heavy side with short layers to achieve the look of askew.

9- Bob Stacked

stacked bob is go-to style for curly-haired girls to get some high definition and avoid the weighed-down look. With mousse or gel foam, ramp up the volume.

10- Layers Levels

Layers can be your greatest buddy when it gets to curly hair. Short mid-shaft parts blast up body while adding definition to more layers around the face.

11- Centered Bob

This simple bob rocks middle part and natural texture for daily look for more relaxed coils. Mix up the part, toss it around, it’s more versatile than you think!

curly hairs of two ladies

12- Side Bob

If you want simple, classic curly hair bob, you can use subtle layers to promote definition and lightness. If you have more coily curls, you’re going to want to add more layers to this bouncy texture.

13- Crop Mop

For women with larger, more relaxed curls, this side-swept style works, and it looks like cool, calm lady. The bangs are much longer than the backside and the opposite side, making them askew slightly.

stylish short curly hairs

14- Bob French

This is how Europe’s classic bob goes. Mussed effortlessness in every room that stands out. The French bob is mostly about looking unkempt and put-together at the same time, often accompanied by short bangs or face-framing layers for tossing around.

15- Bangs Baby

This year, baby bangs are lighting up, though bold woman is needed to create the cut! These wispy baby bangs are more doable than sharp ones, and they combine nicely with ultra-layered curly hair.

short curly


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