Nail Trends – Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring


Prepare to book your next manicure as this nail inspo will make you do thatCheck out these cutest, quirkiest, and most unique nail trends so that you can’t stop wearing them.

nail trends


Summer is the perfect time to go with your manicure — you’ll wear fewer layers so that you can use your fingers as an additional accessory. Scroll on to spring most hot nail trends.

1- Multi Nails

It can be nearly difficult to select just one with so many vivid colors to choose from. Fortunately, you have 10 fingers, and you don’t have to decide that inevitable. Return to the roots of your ‘ the 90s and stand out by rocking this multi-colored look this summer. 

summer nail trends

2- Marble Nails

Everywhere this summer, marble manicure has become a must-have for nail seekers. The design, modeled on fancy countertops in the kitchen, looks great on every nail or paired against a bolder. This pattern is certainly a simple one to accomplish at home, although it appears incredibly complex. All you need is a base coat and two colors that you use a detail brush to dot and swirl on top-easy!

marble nails art

3- Nudy Nails

No matter what season, nude nails are a standard, so integrating them at some point in your summer glance is a must. A naked manicure is a perfect way to still have gorge nails without breaking any rules if you have a job where your nail color can’t be too OTT. Go for a naked blonde, black-clothed, or one of our personal favorites— a shiny polish. Simple yet elegant.

nudy nails



You’ve finished the holidays, but you still feel festive. So why not fire some happy songs while your nails are decorated? Whether you want to do it yourself or do it personally, here are the most beautiful wintertime creations to be reflected on for sure.

1- Glittery Nails

Paint your nails like nude and pink in a pure color, then dress them up with sprinkle of glitter. If you want to add touch of luxury to your seasonal nails, it’ll be favorite winter design and great choice.

nail trends for winter

2- Simple and Elegant Nails

If you usually stick to neutral color, then in winter you can continue to do that. To add feature, pick one nail and make it seasonal. It can look exquisite while remaining in the spirit of the vacation.

simple and elegant nail designs

3- Mint Green

This season, experiment with various textures and shades of green. Mint green, square-shaped, matt nails may look fantastic. Try it; there will be no regrets for you.

mint green nail art


They’re saying that trends come and go… And finally, they’re coming back. We see that concept playing on our fingernails this autumn. Retro enthusiasm is fueling everything when it goes to nail-art trends for the autumn, with the most beautiful manicures of the’ 90s — like French tips, pet printing, and pearls. Here are some ideas that you can create this autumn.

1- Coppery Nails

Simple solids can be as amazing as detailed nail art, and nothing demonstrates more potent than shade of autumn copper.

nail trends for autumn

2- Purple Nails

If you’ve been looking forward to a cold climate and brighter manicures, this lovely, deep purple is the perfect way to start in autumn.

purple nail design

3- All Black Nails

If you enjoy black nail lacquer, you might not have been hoping for your favorite pitch-black polish to come out. But just in case you hold back, now is the perfect time to be inspired by the chic, black manicures.

4- Deep Red Nails

There is nothing more autumn than this shade‘s manicure. This is just the perfect shade for autumn.

nail trends


So what are the colors and trends this spring is going to be frequent? Read the whole thing to find out.

1- Rainbow Nails

If you can carry them all, why choose one pastel color? Go massive with blues, pink, orange, and purple blend.

nail trends for spring

2- Floral Nails

Florals for spring? On your nails, they’re genuinely kind of innovative.

nail trends

3- Two in one Nails

Combine the two most significant trends of spring in one crazy-cool-looking mani that is rhinestones and cuticle art.

two in one nail color art design

4- Neutral Nails

Not your thing, black-and-white? Go for the same undertone standard colors (like yellow), beginning with the deepest colors on your thumb.


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