How Often You Should Use Facemasks

How often you should use facemasks? Nowadays, skincare is an essential part of skincare; it consists of different things from facemasks to facials. Each of them has their own benefit if taken in the correct way and time. Too much of everything is bad and in the same way, facemasks cannot be used every day.  Now deciding how often you can use them depends on the type of skin you have and what facemask you are using on your skin.


All can’t be discussed at once so in this article we will verify some common facemasks and how often they can be used

DIY facemasks

Every other beauty guru has their own face masks recipe that they use to cure skin problems. Mostly consisting of natural products these are not harmful and beneficial to use. However, each has its own constituent and you should see which would help you treat your problem according to your skin type. Due to their natural nature, you can use these masks as often as three days a week. However, this DIY doesn’t give immediate results and should be used on a longer time span if you want to reap results


Charcoal Masks

Known to remove the dead skin cells these masks are highly effective. However, they are also extremely harsh on the skin and sometimes end up removing natural oils which benefit your skin. So you should use these masks at a maximum once a month. Anything more than that could harm your skin in long term basis


Korean sheet masks

The social media has hyped the usage of K-sheet masks. Although they are very hydrating and repair damaged skin, we suggest against using them every day. They are only beneficial until they are wet and once dry they can pull back the natural minerals they gave your skin. Also, too much hydration can cause them to clog your pores which can later cause acne. Hence we suggest using these masks only once a week.

How often you should use facemasks?


Gelatin Masks

These face masks are meant specifically for improving collagen cells in your skin. The Product gelatin is a by-product of collagen found in skin, animal fat and the bone. When you apply this masks and till the time it dries it’s specific action is to increase collagen  and boost the elasticity of your skin making it smooth

Although when gelation is applied and removed off the skin it also takes away a thin layer of your skin away with it. Hence you can imagine doing it every day means removing a layer of your skin every day. Therefore we suggest to do it only two time maximum in a month which would save you from over-exfoliation


How often you should use facemasks


Clay Masks

Although they are meant for both skin types oily and dry, they are most beneficial for oily skin. They remove the excess oil on skin and saturate the skin with natural minerals that help the skin repair. They are especially meant for people who have ageing skin and fine lines on their face. The clay mask has anti-ageing ingredients and also tightens the skin.

However again using too much of anything can be harmful thus you should only use clay masks two days a week which will help you reap the benefits without incurring any damages

clay facemasks

Tea face masks

These natural masks are the best way you can improve the health of your skin. As the do twice the work by removing againg signs and also neutralizing the harm done by free radicals. It helps the one main problem every woman face which is of acne. Their strongest content is the antioxidant which is present in every tea mask. Despite their advantages, tea masks should not be regularly used and the maximum usage should be once a week

Tea Facemasks


Before using any mask always do a patch test on your hand or neck. This will help you evaluate how helpful a facemask would be on your skin and if it is suitable with the skin type you have. Face care routine is also essential and developing one always helps you in the long run. These are an essential part of your skincare which you should use and select carefully. Also, every facemasks action highly depends on the ph level and the type of your skin. So first try to understand what of your skin type and what action does each facemask have on the type of skin. We use makeup as a ritual and similarly to that, we should use face masks too.

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