Hair removal with turmeric DIY

Hair removal with turmeric DIY

Turmeric for hair removal

Turmeric acquires from the plant of the ginger group (Zingiberaceae) called Curcuma longa. The perennial herbaceous plant has tuberous rhizomes with a rough, segmented, yellowish-brown peel and slender orange peel. The herb obtains from the mature rhizomes that stay in the ground below the leaves. The dry rhizomes are ground into a slightly acidic bitter-sweet yellow powder. The outcome may not arrive immediately. But turmeric is going to help with hair removal diy gradually and permanently.

Surely most of you are familiar with turmeric that spice that provides yellow color to the meals. Because of its health advantages, some call it magical spice. I’m going to get there soon, but let’s see for now how you can use turmeric to remove hair.

And let me show you the best thing before I get to several facemasks to remove unwanted hair. Turmeric is painless, unlike threading, plucking, waxing, and other sometimes difficult techniques to remove unwanted hair. This magical spice will assist you to relax without any pain, unwanted facial hair.

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Preparation Methods

Recipe No: 01

Make paste with turmeric by combining:

Turmeric powder, aloe vera gel, and water. Use about one part of turmeric powder to about one part of water for this recipe. 

Recipe No: 02

Only two components are used by another skin turmeric paste recipe:

Turmeric powder and milk. You can add to your turmeric mask turmeric oil or curcumin oil. This boosts the number of turmeric chemicals that can assist in hair removal.

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Recipe No: 03

Thoroughly combine turmeric powder, gram flour, salt, and cold milk in a pan and ensure a soft paste is formed. Apply it to the hair to remove and rub through smooth circular motions with your fingertips for 5 minutes. Then, after 10 minutes, enable the paste to dry and wash it off with lukewarm water. Doing it once a week will dilute hair growth and dissolve the unwanted fuzz over moment.

Recipe No: 04

If you have dense and stubborn hair on your skin, it will be removed quite easily by this gentle scrub. In a bowl, mix turmeric powder, gram flour, and milk and add the combination to the skin areas you want in the direction of hair growth. Make sure you scrub light hands in the reverse direction to cause the unwanted hair to fall out of the roots. Wait 10 minutes now and rinse your skin with lukewarm water. This turmeric scrub will also be beautifully cleaning your skin and leaving it well-nourished.

Hair removal with turmeric DIY

Step by step guide

  • Apply the turmeric paste to areas of your face or body that you want to remove hair diy. Consider using clean makeup brush to apply to avoid staining your fingers.


  • Leave your skin with the turmeric paste until it dries.


  • As the mask dries, your skin will look tight — it should begin to crumble as it dries away.


  • Some individuals like to pick up parts of the mask at this stage, which easily flakes off. The mask acts more like physical technique of hair removal in this situation and may catch hair here or there.


  • Splash your skin with tippy water and rub off the mask gently with your hands or facial cloth.


  • With towel, Pat dry.

How long does turmeric take to remove hair?

The removal of turmeric hair diy is viral among Indian women. In turmeric, some compounds remove unwanted hair and inhibit hair growth. It adheres quite tightly to the skin when the turmeric paste applies. The hair goes along when it is washed or washed off and separated from the roots. The method gradually decreases hair growth if you do this frequently. And they’ll be finer when some hairs grow.

Keep in mind that it may not be as successful with heavy or dense hair, although turmeric is efficient in keeping beautiful hair.

Turmeric hair removal reviews

Curcuma oil from plant in the same family as turmeric was studied in 2017 research. The Curcuma oil was implemented for ten weeks on the 60 women’s underarm area. Researchers discovered that Curcuma oil in the area experimented decreased or slowed hair growth.

Turmeric can remove the body’s fine and tiny hair, but it won’t remove your healthy hair.


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